About US

About Us

People First Leadership Academy (PFLA) has been founded with a mission to EMPOWER PEOPLE. We are a team of professionals who are passionate in helping People achieve excellence in Life.

Our main focus is on SKILL Development and we closely work with Teaching and Student Community at Schools. We have coached and trained over 40000 people that include School Teachers, School and College Students and Corporate Employees and parents.

During 2010-11, we started offering Teacher Orientation programs at Schools for 1, 2 and 3 days. That has led us to dive deep into understanding the challenges Schools face in hiring and retaining Teachers. When we did a survey, the outcome is that the Schools look for Quality Teachers, Committed Teachers who are passionate in teaching and most importantly Skilled Teachers who can also communicate effectively

In order to serve Schools better, we have designed and developed a program called Integrated Teachers Training Certificate Program (ITTC). It is an integrated approach taking the best practices of Montessori, NTT and Waldorf methodology.

Presently, we have two Certificate Programs “ITTC” Integrated Teachers Training Certificate program which is a 6 month program for aspiring Teachers who wish to teach at Pre-Schools up to Primary level and ATTC(Advanced Teachers Training program) One year program for in-service Teachers

We offer a quality and more meaning and purposeful curriculum to preprimary classes with books of our own “Colours”. We believe that Education is for life and not just scoring marks and it is our foremost duty to provide a strong foundation to children at an early age that helps them later to thrive better. Keeping this, we have designed the curriculum that is of activity based, fun-filled yet a result and objective oriented.

We are keen and determined to offer quality programs and are continuously striving hard to improve quality and develop innovate and useful modules that are functional and not just theoretical. We have successfully completed 25 batches and have created Teaching job opportunities for them. Few of them have also become entrepreneurs in the process.

We partner with Educational Institutions and offer them variety of Educational and HR Services viz.,

  • Curriculum and books for pre-primary classes“Colours”
  • Professional development of Teachers on a long term basis
  • Parenting sessions
  • Academic support to Schools
  • HR Services
  • CBSE Affiliation and CCE implementation
  • Personal Excellence Programs for students
  • Faculty Development Programs
  • Teacher Recruitment Services