Integrated Teachers Training Certification Program (ITTC)


During 2010-11, we started offering Teacher Orientation programs at Schools for 1, 2 and 3 days. That has led us to dive deep into understanding the challenges Schools face in hiring and retaining Teachers. When we did a survey, the outcome is that the Schools look for Quality Teachers, Committed Teachers who are passionate in teaching and most importantly Skilled Teachers who can also communicate effectively. Read more..

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We thank you for your feedback and look forward to service you even better..

It was my dream since eight years to do this course and finally completed. I am so proud to call u as my teachers. Wherever I may go in my life, I will always remember you.

You are the best I have ever met in my life.

Tejaswini Mohan

ITTC is not only a program that is designed for the teachers but anyone who seek guidance in relation to a child. My experience here was one of the best days where I not only enjoyed myself but also learnt many aspects of a child. I also learnt more about myself. This is truly like a life skills class. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about children.

Neetu Reddy

M’am when I joined your class, I remember, first day I came with a blank face, confused and without any goals..Now I feel I can face every challenge, confusion and last but not the least, honestly felt worth learning a lot from you and this course..
This course has given me a lot more than I expected...and needed it somewhere to enhance my hidden and lost confidence!
Varada Murthy Sir..
Sir you are doing a superb job for upcoming generation and young Indians, we teachers and children..

Neha Agarwal

I have been awarded with "The Best Teacher Award for the year 2014-2015" by my school-New Beginnings Pre-school for Excellence.. I want to thank you all for making this happen to me. Without your guidance and training, this would not have been possible. Your training has really helped me getting this award.

Priya Roshan

Joining PFLA has been a most rewarding moment of my life. For your patience, kindness, advice and devotion, thank you. The whole credit goes to Nalina Ma’m, for her constant support and guidance

Last but not the least I would like to say that "you are the best because you brought out the best in us".

Sibani Pattanayak

The PFLA Team have designed the ITTC Programme very brilliantly. The sessions are very practical, creative and oriented to make us better Teachers. I am finding different dimensions of teaching profession after going through PFLA-ITTC Programme.

Mili Singh

My Perception and Attitude towards people, perceiving things are completely changed fruitfully after attending the “Integrated Teachers Training Certificate Program” (ITTC) offered by People First Leadership Academy.

Mili Singh

I would like to testify my experiences with ITTC for my last course period. First of all this opportunity made me to come out of my shell. At the outset, I have to confess that the whole credit goes to Nalina Mam. The classes were systematically planned to initiate a proper attitudes to be a teacher.

Pradeepa Swaminathan

Why We Are Better

PFLA believes that academic brilliance alone does not guarantee success in today’s highly competitive and fast paced world. With Academic achievements, SKILL DEVELOPMENT is an absolute must to be employable, be competitive and succeed in Life. Our purpose is to help people unleash their true potential through life transforming Personal Excellence Programs and motivate them to be successful in School, College and Life. PFLA is an Award Winning (Future of India Award for Business Excellence Achievement under Quality in Leadership Excellence) Academy. We have trained and coached over 35000 people that include young Students at Schools, Colleges and Business Schools, Corporate and Government Employees, Teaching community.

The Winning Edge
Have you ever wondered why some young people seem to have an extra edge? Why some of them, with what seems like half the effort, still manage to come out tops? Why some people seem so confident, well adjusted and communicate with Clarity? Our research reveals one key factor; there are people who have conditioned themselves to constantly look for 'The Winning Edge' - that slight edge which distinguishes winners. No Fear, No failure – take it as feedback, change strategy and continue to work for a desired RESULT!
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In today's fast changing world, you need that slight edge and the habit of always looking for the winning edge in every situation. Our approach is unique and our sessions are practical, extremely participative in nature, Learning will be interactive, involving and experiential. We believe in making learning “Fun and Exciting" so naturally, participants will have lots of fun; they enjoy the sessions and set themselves a Goal to help them maintain their winning quotient. PFLA believes in providing Training workshops for Self Realization through advanced Learning Methods and High Awareness on their Capabilities. When we take up long term programs, we work towards total transformation
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