About US

People First Leadership Academy (PFLA) has been founded with a mission to EMPOWER Teaching community and help Institutes to improve “Quality of Teaching” .

We partner with Educational Institutions and offer them variety of Educational Services viz., Teacher Empowerment programs, short and long duration Certification programs for Teachers, Books and Curriculum for pre-primary levels, School Leadership programs,

Some of our programs can be customized to suit your specific needs and we believe in designing result driven programs to achieve the set objectives.

We have trained and coached over 40000 people that include Teachers and Students at Schools, Colleges and Business Schools, Corporate Employees and general public on various programs.

Please visit our bouquet of services and revert to us to discuss how we can help you achieve your Institutional goals.


A holistic approach to transforming individuals into mindful teachers & parents, provide a value & activity based pre-school system that enable children to understand their life experiences in-depth.


Beyond Teaching: Empower and transform teachers into influencing individuals through programs that provide teaching expertise, positive parenting skills along with essential skills to manage challenges of 21st century classrooms

Transforming Pre-School Education System: End-to-end guidance to passionate educators to set-up a Quality pre-school environment and handhold support with books and a meaning and purposeful curriculum.

Education for Life:Continue to build the Children-Centric and Mindful curriculum model that transform younger generation into future leaders


To help people unleash their true potential through life transforming personal excellence programs and inspire them to be successful in School/College and Life.


4Ps – People | Passion | Performance | Purpose

People: We value the human potential and the impact it can create on the community. Since teachers have a huge responsibility in building a society, ‘humanity’ has immense value in the way we offer our services.

Passion: We work passionately with the stakeholders, both aspiring teachers and the school owners. We drive passion into a profession such that there is an elevation in the lives of the children.

Purpose: The purpose of PFLA is to transform the lives, the reason why we think and work BEYOND training, publishing, and conducting business.

Performance: We are a group of result-oriented individuals who thrive behind the screen to achieve the Vision of PFLA. We give the utmost value to our performance and also the performance of our teachers, schools, and children.

What difference does PFLA make?

Women Empowerment: Women are naturally wired with patience, love, care and the reason behind many passionately choosing teaching as their profession. We believe in empowering women by providing holistic support to their leadership capabilities, teaching skills, emotional requirements, individuality, and self-esteem.Such empowerment makes not only better teacher leaders but also greater parents and in-turn a superior community.

Counselling: The ever-changing digital world throws numerous demands on people that lead to so many emotional challenges. Counselling our student teachers is a part of our value system and a curriculum. Beyond teaching capabilities, many teachers struggle to handle the growing needs of parents and the educational sector. We enable them as emotionally intelligent professionals through our ITTC program.

Integrity based Pre-school model: We advocate the aspiring school owners to build a pre-school where the fundamentals are integrity, passion and community growth. We work closely with passionate entrepreneurs and backing them to reach their goal; right from branding, marketing, and set-up of school, logistics, HR services, curriculum and the best teachers.

Mindful Curriculum for Pre-Schoolers: We wholeheartedly understand the influence pre-schools have in children’s lives. Beyond the best academics, our curriculum model acts as a stimulus to enhance life skills, survival techniques, assertive behaviour, and many more. This mindful curriculum is one area where we continuously strive and bring out the best in children