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ITTC Foundation - ECD

Child development is concerned not only with what is happening within the child, but also to the care that child requires. It is imperative that the basic needs for protection, food and health care are met. It is equally important to meet the child’s needs for affection and security, for stimulation and interaction. It is normal and healthy for the child to learn through exploration and discovery, through playing and fantasy.

ITTC Foundation_Level I Program is tailor-made for Mothers, Caretakers and Teachers of Early years children and the main focus will be 7 key areas of Child Development.

Duration of the program: 3 months
Approach                          : Blended (Online)
Eligibility                           : Open to all as mentioned above
Program Fee                    : Rs.16,000/- all inclusive

For registration and further details, connect with us at 9035010029 or  write to us at