Education Organisation Management System (EOMS) Policy Statement

People First Leadership Academy Management Policy Statement

People First Leadership Academy has to its credit, offerings that are par excellence pre – primary curriculum content with books, quality Teacher Training Certification programs along with teacher recruitment services; and, is one of the widely operating Academy with significant number of operational services.

With such large number of deliverables, education organisation management system becomes a strategically important discipline, for the management, operation and maintenance of the workplace, its quality services and operational efficiencies. PFLA, with its motto of ‘empowering people’ aims to be one of the niche Academies that offers these services. Through this vision of empowering people PFLA also commits, wherever it can, to contribute to social development.

It is very critical from the point of view of all learners, interested parties, and stakeholders that, there is a standardized experience being delivered in every interface of education organisation management system. The top management realizes this and drives this through the setting of realistic objectives and achievable targets for all facets of education organisational management system.

Content management is yet another significant area and the management commits to conducting a methodical upgradation to identify the key developments and define latest developments in both training content and pre-school content appropriately. The management, through this statement, also commits to comply with all applicable knowledge-based learning along with understanding the unique needs of institutions, organisations and knowledge management requirements.

The management also realises that the primary objective of implementing an education organisation management system is to continually improve the functioning and optimising the efficiency of an education organisation management department. Thus, continuing with its endeavour, the management is adopting an integrated approach taking the best practices including pedagogic, didactic and technical requirements that best suit the requirements of education institutes.

This policy statement is applicable to all interested parties of People First Leadership Academy and will be applied concurrently to the existing organizational policies.

The management also commits to periodically review this policy statement annually and make the updated version available to all interested parties.

Varada Murthy

Chief Learning officer

People First Leadership Academy

Date : 05.05.2019

Version Description of change Person responsible for change Date
1.0 Initial Version CLO 18.02.2019
1.1 Changes made with respect to services offered CLO 15.03.2019
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