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Tejaswini Mohan
It was my dream since eight years to do this course and finally completed. I am so proud to call u as my teachers. Wherever I may go in my life, I will always remember you.

You are the best I have ever met in my life.
I am glad that I had joined People First Leadership Academy for ITTC Certification Program else I would have missed a wonderful opportunity to have a good learning experience with Nalina Mam’s innovative teaching and Varada Sir’s thoughtful guidance.

I never thought four hour class would be an interesting class for me to learn. Nalina Mam’s class was very interactive, adding an additional feature of hers – her Smile .

Nalina Mam and Varada Sir – Thank you for being one of the special educators who will live on forever in the minds and hearts of the students whose lives you have touched.
Kavitha Francis
Short note on this place, I never thought this teaching Institute would be such a great help to me which helped my dream come true. However, this is the BEST place for anyone (at least for me) which has helped and given a wonderful opportunity to what I always wanted to be in life.

Thanks to the Beautiful and gorgeous Nalina M’am for believing me more than me. It was so easy for her to say "Kavitha go and am sure you will come with all the offer letters" that's the level of confidence the Institute builds. You come up with lot of energy and a model of inspiration.

I'm walking with the pride of being an Effective Mom and an Effective Teacher. Thank you for making this happen.
Krithika SriGoopal
I was totally confused when I thought about taking up a teachers training course, but today I feel happy that I came across an excellent Institute PFLA, which has given me the motivation to become a good teacher and achieve my dreams.

The entire module of ITTC was very interesting with lots of activities and we enjoyed each and every class. There was lots of learning and fun. Thanks a lot for preparing the module which is of great help for upcoming teachers

Thanks a lot for the support and guidance you gave us. This memorable experience of PFLA will remain in my heart all through my life.
Neetu Reddy
ITTC is not only a program that is designed for the teachers but anyone who seek guidance in relation to a child. My experience here was one of the best days where I not only enjoyed myself but also learnt many aspects of a child. I also learnt more about myself. This is truly like a life skills class. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about children.
Neha Agarwal
M’am when I joined your class, I remember, first day I came with a blank face, confused and without any goals..Now I feel I can face every challenge, confusion and last but not the least, honestly felt worth learning a lot from you and this course..

This course has given me a lot more than I expected...and needed it somewhere to enhance my hidden and lost confidence!

Varada Murthy Sir..
Sir you are doing a superb job for upcoming generation and young Indians, we teachers and children..
Priya Roshan
I have been awarded with "The Best Teacher Award for the year 2014-2015" by my school-New Beginnings Pre-school for Excellence.. I want to thank you all for making this happen to me. Without your guidance and training, this would not have been possible. Your training has really helped me getting this award.
Santhi Madhan
I would like to express my appreciation to the People First Leadership Academy who provides the course (ITTC) – Integrated Teachers Training Certificate.

I found ITTC to be an excellent way to achieve my goals which provides a comprehensive course of study to meet all learning needs.

I highly recommend this ITTC course because it is extremely informative and has the most current information on childhood education.
Sibani Pattanayak
Joining PFLA has been a most rewarding moment of my life. For your patience, kindness, advice and devotion, thank you. The whole credit goes to Nalina Ma’m, for her constant support and guidance

Last but not the least I would like to say that "you are the best because you brought out the best in us".
Mili Singh
The PFLA Team have designed the ITTC Programme very brilliantly. The sessions are very practical, creative and oriented to make us better Teachers. I am finding different dimensions of teaching profession after going through PFLA-ITTC Programme.
Ramya Krishnan
I thank you people for the training and created a self confidence within me. Your ITTC training gave not only self confidence but also a good opportunity to face the public. Now I am feeling free to talk and have conversation with any one because I developed my communication skills through this program.

Nalina M’am I learnt from you how to teach with more sense of humour. Really we enjoyed your each and every session which I attended. I admire you and Subha mam.
Keerthana Shri
With a great fear of weather am choosing the right Institution or not, I joined the course with PFLA ITTC. But you have proved my fear wrong.

With a whole heart and with lot of confidence, I tell you that I enjoyed each and every minute of the class. The trainers were awesome and I never felt like it was a four hour session. The classes have boosted up my confidence and I have got more than what I was looking for.
My Perception and Attitude towards people, perceiving things are completely changed fruitfully after attending the “Integrated Teachers Training Certificate Program” (ITTC) offered by People First Leadership Academy.
Pradeepa Swaminathan
I would like to testify my experiences with ITTC for my last course period. First of all this opportunity made me to come out of my shell. At the outset, I have to confess that the whole credit goes to Nalina Mam. The classes were systematically planned to initiate a proper attitudes to be a teacher.
From: Abhishek Singh [mailto:abhishek]
Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2014 6:27 PM
To: info@pfhrcgroup.com
Subject: Speech contest-2014

When a well organised event goes hand in hand with a social cause, the value of the event increases on the whole.

But for the excitement before and after the event, what is different in this competition is that you have a different feeling of joy to it. With 15 schools participating, it is a wonderful forum not only to discover talent and remove stage fright, but also to be able to become a person who has done something for the society.

The set up for the event was perfect, with a beautiful and sufficient auditorium.

Thanking PFLA for giving me the opportunity to share my views.

Abhishek Kumar Singh
(Cambridge Public School)
Great beginning for teachers!!!!!!!....A much needed warm up!!!!

Teachers' workshop was conducted by Mrs. Nalina, resourse person from HR Consultants, People First Leadership Academy. It was an Activity based workshop.

The success Principles, Intra-personal and Inter personal skills, classroom management, Memory Games......and so on.....

Though I was not present for the whole session, I could hear laughter, giggling,...noise....from the Hall... ....Really interactive..... Later they told me that the workshop was mind blowing....

A great start for the year....Now my teachers have renewed their energy.....

Ready to take off..!!!!!!!

Lakshmi Murthy - Principal
Jnana Vijnana Vidyapeetha School, Bangalore
From: p_wakade@sbi.co.in [mailto:p_wakade@sbi.co.in]
Sent: 31 August 2015 17:51

Dear Mr Varada Murthy and the PFLA Team,

Please accept my heartiest Congratulations for conducting a wonderful programme on 29.08.2015.

This is the 4th time my children have participated in the speech contest held by PFLA. I was extremely happy to see the improvement that has taken place in their Public speaking skills this year. This has happened only because of you. Our children are fortunate to get a platform for expressing themselves on such a big platform. We all have the ability to speak but it is only because of the initiative of people like you that people get a chance to develop their skills. I thank you and your team for all the efforts you have taken to make the event a big success every year.

Thank you and wish you and PFLA Team ALL THE BEST!!!

Prerana Wakade
From: Aparna T.R [mailto:aparna.tr@treamis.org]
Sent: Monday, September 07, 2015 12:33 PM
To: subramanyakc@pfhrcgroup.com
Subject: Feedback of Speech competition

Dear Team PFLA,

Congratulations for the grand success of Speech competition held on 29th August 2015. It was a great experience to be a part of this event. It was a indeed a great exposure for our students.

The preliminary training provided for the students was very informative and helped our students to gain their confidence.

The event was well organised- great job team!